Proposal due April 5 | Draft due April 21 | Final Project due May 12 3PM

Option 1: Walking Tour

  • Your walking tour must be entirely locations which no longer exist. No museums, no modern businesses, no monuments or government buildings which are at their same locations. You may include buildings which are still in their original locations, so long as the business or occupant in the building is no longer the same.
  • Your walking tour must be unique from all previously posted tours
  • Must include at least 8 locations not already used in existing tours; each location must be at least 500 words.
  • Must include at least 3 scholarly citations
  • No walking time restrictions; you may consider making a biking or driving tour
  • See Midterm guidelines for word count and technical requirements

Options 2: Data Analysis

  • Data description: 500 words minimum. Is your data numeric, textual, or geographic. What does each row describe and what are the columns for each type of data.
  • 2 data visualizations: 500 words minimum describing the story of each (1000 words total). Must be two different types of data visualization.
  • Process documentation: 500 words describing how you created each visualization and the choices you made regarding color, selection of data to compare, choice of visualization type, and how each affects your argument (500 words total)
  • Argumentation: 500 words minimum for each visualization. Make an argument about causation or the intersection of your data with broader historical patterns. You may, but are not required to, do outside research for context. (1000 words total)
  • Further research questions: 500 words minimum describing further questions prompted by your data visualization and how you might go about researching the answers to those questions.

Proposal: Due April 5

Option 1:

  • Identify your theme and how it is unique from the existing tours on Albany Walks for Health. What are the closest related tours? How does your tour differ from the related tours? 300-500 words
  • What is the organizing theme or story of your tour? Who is the audience for this tour? What’s the big takeaway point that the visitor will get from your tour? 300-500 words
    Identify at least four potential locations. Briefly describe the historical location and what is currently at that location. Refer above for requirements.

Option 2:

  • Identify your dataset (the filename or title from Course Resources is ok) and describe what kind of data it includes. Is it numeric, text, and/or geographic? What’s the maximum and minimum range of the numeric data in each column? What’s the geographic or descriptive range of the data? What does each row of data describe (a person, place, thing)? 300-500 words
  • Describe at least three relationships or comparisons in your data. Hint: look at the columns and think about what your columns can say about your rows. 300-500 words