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I chose all of these sites because they have to do with the early military history that is associated with Albany. I think that the military history that is associated with Albany is important because I think that there is more important United States history located in Albany than people probably realize. The first site that I have chosen is where Benjamin Franklin proposed the first formal plan for the American Union. I think that this is interesting and worth making note of because it is an important piece of American history that most people in Albany are most likely unaware of. Schuyler mansion was the home of Philip Schuyler, a general in the Revolutionary war. The mansion has been preserved as an historic site and is open to the public as a historic museum. The last site that I chose is Fort Frederick. Fort Frederick was created as a replacement for Fort Orange. I think that it is important to look at why Fort Frederick was chosen as a replacement as well as the designs that were used for the fort compared to Fort Orange.