Albany Institute of History & Art

  • 1791 this institution was founded and is also one of the oldest museum.  This museum holds historical contexts while also holding the regional’s heritage. Currently still a museum with rich history contents.

“About AIHA.” Nationally Significant Collections – New York Museums. Accessed March 03, 2016. http://www.albanyinstitute.org/about-the-albany-institute.html.

New York State Capitol

  • Built by 19th century architecture, which took 32 years to build and still holds the home of government of New York State since the 1880s. Also the cost to build this building was over 25 million dollars. Today it is home to assembly people and carry out government agenda.

“New York State Capitol.” – Albany, NY. Accessed March 03, 2016. http://www.albany.org/listings/New-York-State-Capitol/893/.

New York State Executive Mansion

  • Built in 1856, this mansion housed governors and their families, 32 of the 56 governor said yes, to the house while other declined. In 1971 this mansion earned its spot on the national historic register. Currently this mansion still houses governor and their families if they chose to.

“Explore The Governor’s Mansion.” Explore The Governor’s Mansion. 2014. Accessed March 03, 2016. https://www.governor.ny.gov/explore-governors-mansion.

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site

  • This was the home to the Revolutionary War General and his family. Completion of building was in 1765. It is currently a historic museum. It was handed to the state in 1914. Today it is run by the New York State Parks.

“Mp3 Web Template.” Mp3 Web Template. Accessed March 03, 2016. http://www.schuylerfriends.org/schuyler_mansion.html.

Historic Cherry Hill

  • Another historic house museum, the last tenant released the house to the people of New York State. Emily who was the last tenant wanted to celebrate her ancestry. Now it is a museum with various education programs.

“Historic Cherry Hill.” Historic Cherry Hill. Accessed March 03, 2016. http://www.hudsonrivervalley.com/Details.aspx?sid=dfb38635-5088-4f2b-8d21-e89ab4ba99ab.


38 minutes.


The theme is Historical context and landmarks, while also being great places to visited. Tourist ideally would be my main audience to get a grasp of the New York State history, as well as anyone else that might be interested, such as school, locals and folks interested in history. I personal feel anyone who is visiting the Albany area, should stop buy one of these five places, and take a look. As well as learn something new and take a new experience with them on their journey. My big takeaway is the main historical highlights Albany have to offer, nothing in particular but to entertain visitor and conclude this walking tour with a great handful of new information that can be retaught to family and friends. Each location on the map emphasize historical information about its history, which I think is great. But also these location have so much rich information to grasp. I have included two mansions which are landmarks of the New York State, as well as its Capital building and the Albany institution of History & Arts and the Historical Cherry Hill, which one can find much more information. All of these 5 places are museum and landmarks of Albany. Also all these location expect the State Capital offer educational services and programs to children. As well as great for family trips to attend.  The correlation between each distinguish place its historical context that is still preserved. A fun inviting bundle of history ready to explore for anyone.


  • What had change over the years?
  • Cost to maintain its history?
  • How many people visit these places over a one yr. span?


NYS Capital amid south Mall -empire state plaza construction late 1960s albany nyNYS Capital

Governor's Executive Mansion - Albany, NY early 1900s