Your midterm project will be a guided tour of at least five specific places in downtown Albany, but otherwise you have no time period or topic restrictions. Keep in mind that many of the resources and examples we’ll be working with in class will be pre-1860 and/or focused on African American history, so you’ll need to do more digging on your own if you want to go outside those areas of focus, but as long as your tour has an organizing theme or topic you can choose whatever interests you.

Proposal due:

Thursday March 3 – due online as a post on the course site by class time

  • Use Google Maps to build directions for five potential locations and embed your map in a new post on the course site.

To create a map with Google Maps:

  1. Include five potential locations for your walking tour. Make sure your locations are arranged in a logical order so that your visitor doesn’t need to double back or walk over highways (hint: use the “Walking” option instead of “Driving”!)
  2. Your tour must be walkable in an hour or less according to Google’s estimate
  3. Once you have a route, click Details and look for an icon of three connected dots in the upper right (the Share icon)
  4. In the popup, select Embed Map and copy the iframe code in the box.
  5. On the course website, create a new Post (you’ll need to log in to the course site and find “Add new post” on the right side of the dashboard)
  6. In the editor for your post, select the Text option on the upper right
  7. Paste in your iframe text
  8. Switch back into the Visual side—your map is a gray box, this is ok! It will display properly after you publish.
  • Below your map, answer the following:

    1. The name of each location, with a brief description of what it is and a Chicago style citation for your current information about each location

    2. How long does Google estimate your walking tour will take?

    3. What is the organizing theme or story of your tour? Who is the audience for this tour? What’s the big takeaway point that the visitor will get from your tour? This should be 300-500 words and discuss how your locations are related

    4. Link to two potential images (Remember to use pretty links! See here http://ahis290.maevekane.net/2016/01/26/post-guidelines/ for a reminder how to do pretty links). What are the copyright restrictions for these images and how are they related to the theme or story of your tour?

    5. Three additional questions you need to research to finish the project

    6. Reply to two other students’ posts with any connections between your project and theirs, and one question about their proposal

Rough draft due:

Thursday March 10 – 2 paper copies in class (you can print what you’ve uploaded into the Albany Walks for Health site)

Come to class with:

  • A draft Title and Description for your project (see final project requirements below)

  • 2 Locations identified, including their Title, Title, Subtitle, Lede, Map Address, and at least three Tags.  Your Locations and Addresses can be the same as the locations used for your proposal.

  • A draft of the Story complete with citations for two of your five Locations

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Final walking tour:

Tuesday March 29 – due online at albanywalksforhealth.com by class time

  • Must include a Title unique to your tour, Credits as you wish your name to appear, and a Description of 100-200 words briefly introducing and describing the theme of your tour.

  • Must include a minimum of 5 Locations (called Items in Omeka)

    • Each Location/Item must be created as a Curatescape Story under Item Type Metadata

    • Each Location/Item must have a Title, Subtitle, LedeMap Address, and at least three Tags

    • Each Location/Item must have a Story of 300-500 words organized with paragraph breaks

    • At least 2 Location/Items must include a photo

    • Each Story must have at least one citation using Chicago style citation in a footnote. See http://ahis290.maevekane.net/2015/12/31/adding-footnotes-to-web-pages/ for how to include a footnote online