Entertainment In Albany

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Tulip Festival Timetable 1962 albany ny 1960s

Clay-Terrell Fight ad 1967 armory albany 1960s

For potential project ideas, I chose entertainment in the Albany region. Since, attending a University in the state’s capital, I chose specific events and landmarks that I found were popular and traditional in Albany. The first choice was the Paramount Theatre established in 1929. The image accompanying the information on the map does not look like theaters that we see today. I found the construction of the building to be unique. It would be interesting to know who attended the theatre, the cost of admission, and what were the biggest films being played at the time. The second choice was the Tulip Fest. I had no prior knowledge of when this event started, its purpose, and how it had become a tradition in the Albany community. The images showed the annual fest occurring in the spring, the inducted Queen, and other activities. The last choice was a fight at the Albany Armory between Muhammad Ali and Ernie Terrell. The cost of admission was only $4.50 to see such famous fighters. The Armory today, is typically used for parties and concerts. The layout that I remember is similar to a basketball court for a gym, but the outside structure shows how historic and memorable the building is.

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