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The topic I to search for was the military history in Albany. I have a particular interest in Military history and as it turns out, Albany has a pretty significant military history. One of the posts I took a look at was the Armory on Washington Ave. It was built in 1890 and was the first National Guard unit in the city. This is interesting because of how large the National Guard has grown today. And this unit was also activated to fight during the Spanish – American War. The second post that I took a look at was where the West India Company had a colony and a military fort called Fort Orange. It was established in 1624 and I just think that it is really cool that we have documentation of the military presence from that long ago, well before the revolutionary war. A third post I looked at was of a specific road that the British Army General John Burgoyne used to enter Albany as a prisoner of war after the battle of Saratoga in 1777. I took particular interest in this post because I know that the Battle of Saratoga was a very important one and was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. It played a vital role in America gaining its independence. It’s very interesting to know that the British General and his army who surrendered passed through these streets as prisoners and the whole event was so well documented that they can recall the very street they traveled through.