chambers closing 1998

I am interested in the bars and clubs that were once in Albany because since I have been here I have noticed that there is a limited selection. Everyone that I know from here tells me that there used to be so many places to go and things to do but most of them are gone. I want to write about why that is and if state legislatures had anything to do with the closing of these bars and clubs or was it all financial issues?

dewitt clinton hotel matchbook albany ny 1930s

This particular hotel stood out to me because of the name. I atteneded DeWitt Clinton HS and have been somewhat fond of the history about him as a person and why things such as schools and hotels were named after him. I would like to compare his hotel to maybe one other and talk about differences and similarities between the two.

Dashboard 1

My long term goal is to become a principal but in order to reach that goal, having teaching experience is necessary and that drew me in to wanting to learn more about Mrs. Simmons. She was a teacher and I would like to learn more about what subject she taught, what made her become a teacher and what she did after her teaching career.