Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the communication of data or information in the form of an image where a person interested in the data can see with their own eyes. Data visualization can come on a variety of forms. For example, the countless different types of graphs like bar graphs, line graphs and a pie chart just to name a few.

It is extremely beneficial to have data visualization in ones project. Not only does it make everything much more appealing to the audience, it also stimulates the brain and allows the reader to understand it better. As seen here, data visualization can be beneficial first hand in the business world. On top of that, they are also a great tool because they summarize a ton of information into one piece of data. This text touches on just a few different kinds of graphs that one will encounter. As you can see, they have potential to contain several pieces of information into one visualization piece.

Another reason why data visualization is key is because it helps with education, especially in the youth. In this article, the author quotes Francis “Skip” Fennell, the president of the National Council of Teaching Mathematics. In short, he emphasizes the importance of bar graphs because it gives Pre-k to 2nd graders an opportunity to count and compare objects, which is very important in education.

1) How as Data Visualization impacted you?
2) Has anyone ever used Data visualization in the real word?
3) How do we plan on including data visualization in our walking tour project?