Entertainment in Albany

The map presented shows a walking tour of the following locations:
1)The New York State Capitol : National Historic Landmark located in Capitol Park
2)Washington Park: Well-known and well-maintained park and home of Albany’s annual Tulip Fest
3)Albany Institute of History & Art: New York’s oldest museum and one of the oldest art institutions in the United States
4)The Armory: Located in the downtown area of Albany, place for sporting and entertainment events.
5)The Palace Theater: Largest theater in Albany, place for growing downtown entertainment

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-The full tour takes about 55 minutes to walk all 5 locations

The sites for the walking tour fall under an entertainment theme based on their purposes. Each location has some historical context, serve as places for events, and brings together the many cultures within Albany. The New York State Capitol and The Armory both have distinct architectural features that make it appealing to the eye. The Albany Institute of History and Art is unique in that it is the oldest museum in New York, with one of the best collections of objects, manuscripts, and photographs in the U.S. Washington Park hosts the annual Tulip Fest, an event that has been in Albany for over 60 years.

The audience for this entertainment tour is young adults, potentially in a group of recently graduated students seeking better opportunities in Albany. They’re looking for what makes the capital of New York unique. The biggest walkaway from the tour is that Albany is more than important state buildings. When discussing the capital, one would assume that there is a strong business and political atmosphere. There are several areas within Albany that can cater to need for excitement. Each location has a historical background, such a The Palace Theater for example. It was built during the Depression, showing that the need for entertainment to distract residents from their economic strain. The Armory also is a popular arena where shows and sport events have taken place over the years. In the midst of being in Albany for better job opportunities, change of scenery, or living arrangements, you are able to find something to do that fits your interests. Outside of these five locations, there are other neighboring sites that cater to night life, food, education, and more.

Questions: (1) In what way can I shorten the tour and target different neighborhoods of Albany in the process?

(2) Where can I find more informative sources on the location?

(3) Can I find more entertaining sites to increase the audiences’ attention?

The Palace Theater

The New York State Capitol




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