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The USS Slater – The USS Slater United States Navy destroyer escort that served in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of World War II. The are guided tours of the ship that are offered upon visiting the ship. It is also listed as a national historic landmark.

“USS Slater DE766 – Albany, NY.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://www.albany.org/listings/USS-Slater-DE766/269/

The Olde English Pub and Pantry – The Olde English Pub and Pantry was originally built in the 1730’s as the Quackenbush House. It has been converted into an British style pub serving English pub food and a variety of drinks. The building was originally built to be the home of revolutionary war general Hendrick Quackenbush.

“The Olde English Pub & Pantry ~ About.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://www.theoldeenglish.com/about.html

“Quackenbush House.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/albany/loc/qhouse.html

Washington Avenue Armory – The Washington Avenue Armory was originally constructed in 1890 for tenth battalion of the New York National Guard. It has since been converted into a multi-use complex that is used for sporting events, conventions, and concerts.
“About the Armory.” 2016. Washington Avenue Armory. Accessed March 1. http://www.albanyarmory.com/about/

The Battle of Henry Johnson Memorial – Henry Johnson was an African American infantryman in World War I. The monument was made for him for uncommon valor in combat. Henry Johnson was also awarded the purple heart.

“The Battle of Henry Johnson Marker.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://www.hmdb.org/Marker.asp?Marker=42675.

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site – Schuyler mansion was the home of Philip J. Schuyler. Schuyler was a renowned revolutionary war general, US senator and business entrepreneur. The historic site offers tours and special rates for K-12 field trips.

“Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site Tours – NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://nysparks.com/historic-sites/33/tours.aspx.

Historic Cherry Hill – Cherry hill was home to five generations of the Van Rensselaer family. The house is home to more than 70,000 artifacts that tell a rich and diverse of Albany from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. The site offers many tours as well as special activities including behind the scenes looks of the preservation of the house and its artifacts.

“Historic Cherry Hill.” 2016. Accessed March 1. http://www.historiccherryhill.org/index.cfm.

B.) Google Maps estimates that the walking tour will take approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

C.) The organizing theme for this walking tour is the military history in downtown Albany. There is a large amount of American military history located in downtown Albany, ranging from old buildings, to historic monuments, to a military naval vessel. The audience for this walking tour is either for young couples with children, or for a school trip focusing on American military history. This tour would appeal more to males than to females. Most of the stops on the tour provide examples of the building style and the types of places that would have existed in historical Albany. The stops will also give an example of the types of structures used for military purposes, such as the Washington Avenue Armory, and the USS Slater. The biggest takeaway that walkers will get from this tour would be the diverse amount of military history that can be found in Albany.


Schuyler Mansion

Battle of Henry Johnson Memorial

E.) One of the questions that I need to answer is how I can target a more specific audience for the walking tour. I also need to find a way to connect all of my sites to a more central theme more specific than early american military history. I would also like to see if there is a way to break up the tour more so that it does not appear to be quite as long while walking it.

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