The first location on my walking tour is the Henry Johnson Memorial that is located in the park. The statue is to commemorate the Albany hero. (Van Buren, Lori. “Sgt. Henry Johnson Closer to Medal of Honor.” Times Union. Accessed March 30, 2016.


My second location of the tour is the bridge located in the park. The bridge has been erected over the lake since 1875. (“Washington Park Lake.” Wikipedia. Accessed March 31, 2016.


Third location on the walking tour is lake that is located in Washington park. It is said that the lake is 1600 feet lond and 140 feet wide. (“Washington Park Lake.” Wikipedia. Accessed March 31, 2016.


The fourth location is the park playhouse. It was founded in the late 80’s and provides free outdoor entertainment in the park. (“Our History.” Park Playhouse. Accessed March 31, 2016.


The fifth location on the tour is the “king Memorial Fountain”.  This is one of Albany’s best known yet least understood landmarks in Albany. (“The Moses Fountain in Washington Park.” All Over Albany. Accessed March 31, 2016.

It is estimated that my walking tour will take 15 minutes.

The overall theme of this walking tour is to inform not only the tourist but even the locals about the history of Washington Park. There are a lot of people who are unaware of how historic Washington Park actually is and what historical landmarks that reside there in the park. The audience for this tour can range anywhere from children to adults, and being that the tour is estimated at 15 minutes it will be easier for children to complete with a lower chance of getting bored or distracted and it will be easier for the elderly to complete as well. Anyone who is interested in the history of Washington Park can be directed as the audience. The 5 locations are related because for starters they are all located in the same general area.  Washington park is the housing location for all 5 of the locations so it makes it difficult to not complete the tour. Another way they are related is because of their historic value. Some of these locations date all the way back to the 1800’s while it seems the most recent dates back to the late 80’s. Another thing that all these locations have in common is that they attract people and pique the curiosity of many people, both tourist and local.


Henry Johnson Statue


Three research questions that need to be found are what location is the most historic out of the others, what location is the most popular and what location has a deeper story.