Final Project Draft

Where a person is born defines a lot about them, especially a soldier. If a Soldier feels that his homeland is under threat, he will be willing to sacrifice himself in order to defend it. that is usually what separates Soldiers from people who get paid to fight. There is a sense of pride, country and a need to defend it.
A second part of the data set provided that I will be focusing on will where these soldiers come from. Whether they come from a foreign country, or they list that they come from one of the states, it tells a whole lot about them and their story. Where these soldiers come from and where they say they come from are very different and tells us a lot about themselves and their sense of nationalism. For example, if an individual says that they are from New York when they sign up, that person could be from another country however he has a strong sense of pride about his new-found home there for he is willing to fight for it. On the other hand, an individual who declares that he is from another country may not feel the same sense of pride. But it should go without being said that either way, any individual who signed up for the militia is brave.
As you can see in the image, a majority of individuals from this roster identified themselves as either coming from Ireland or Germany followed by England. This doesn’t come as a surprise because a majority of the people who came to New York in the first place were from Europe. All of the following militiamen come from New York and the surrounding areas. The huge difference between New York born troops and European born militiamen +has mostly to do with the age of the newly formed government and country. The younger population mostly make up the American born militiamen and on the other hand, the older are the majority and they are the first generation to colonies the new land. I would predict that in the following years as the war progressed, more and more New York born men would enlist because they would eventually be old enough to fight. Some people may ask why sign up to fight for a country and land where they aren’t even from? Surprisingly, 71 individuals were actually born in England and would be fighting their own homeland. Initially I would have thought that it would have been 2nd generation men signing up for the Militia to fight the British. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that a majority of the soldiers were born in Europe. They all signed up to accomplish a common goal and were tired of being oppressed by an imperialist government governing them from across the Atlantic Ocean. I think that its very impressive that these people from all different backgrounds were able to come together in order to defend what they called their new homes.