Example map embed

To create a map with Google Maps:

  • Include five potential locations for your walking tour. Make sure your locations are arranged in a logical order so that your visitor doesn’t need to double back or walk over highways (hint: use the “Walking” option instead of “Driving”!)
  • Your tour must be walkable in an hour or less according to Google’s estimate
  • Once you have a route, click Details and look for an icon of three connected dots in the upper right (the Share icon)
  • In the popup, select Embed Map and copy the iframe code in the box.
  • On the course website, create a new Post (you’ll need to log in to the course site and find “Add new post” on the right side of the dashboard)
  • In the editor for your post, select the Text option on the upper right
  • Paste in your iframe text
  • Switch back into the Visual side—your map is a gray box, this is ok! It will display properly after you publish.