My Three Choices

My three choices are all over the place. The first two come directly from the Albany Flickr page and the third from our interactive map. Henry Johnson was such an important figure in Albany’s history. Henry Johnson Blvd. is named after him! During World War One he was attached an all black regiment out of Harlem, if I remember correctly. He was on guard duty when roughly a dozen German soldiers came across his post on a probing mission. Though he was outnumbered so greatly he and a fellow soldier fought back the attack despite numerous wounds and running out of ammo. He eventually had to resort to hand-to-hand combat and is credited with stopping a larger potential attack. My uncle was present at the White House ceremony in which he was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor this past year so I have a connection to him which is great!

The next two photos I chose simply because they looked interesting or odd. I guess I have a fascination with bridges and seeing the old images of when the Dunn Memorial first opened was cool. As a kid I always hung around our local firehouse so seeing a picture in which a group of firefighters actually lose all water is interesting, and scary.

Sergt. Henry Johnson, of Albany N.Y., the outstanding hero; ...

Water fails the firemen at critical moment

Dashboard 1

Connection to Cleveland Historical: