Midterm Project Exploration

Walking Tour Locations Ideas:

Washington Park Rd, Albany, NY (Souteast Corner of Washington Park) – The Battle of Henry Johnson Memorial

195 Washington Ave, Albany, NY – Washington Avenue Armory

99 Washington Ave, Albany, NY – George Washington Traveled Down This Road on His Tour of the Mohawk Valley

142 State St, Albany, NY (Intersection of State and Eagle) – Fort Frederick

8 S Pearl St, Albany, NY – Birthplace of American Union

USS Slater, Quay St, Albany, NY – USS Slater

32 Catherine St, Albany, NY – Schuyler Mansion


The first thing I found really interesting on the map was Richard Allanson. He was a white architect in the early 1800’s in Albany. I thought it was interesting because he was the only architect that I saw and looking at the Flickr slideshow there were a lot of interesting buildings and things like the Rensselaer Bridge. The Flickr album in general connected to Allanson was interesting to me. The next thing I found that I thought was interesting was General George Washington traveling down a road that is about a block away from modern day Washington Avenue in the late 1700’s. I am on Washington Avenue almost daily and to realize George Washington was traveling similar roads around 200 years ago is kind of crazy to think about. The last thing that I found that I thought was probably to most interesting thing I had seen was the birth of the American Union. In a site in downtown Albany in 1754 Benjamin Franklin proposed the first formal plan of Nation Union to Congress. I honestly never knew that Albany was ever holding meetings of Congress. The idea of a formal union for America happened not far from where I am sitting right now.

I found a tour on Cleveland’s Historical Tour site about the Civil War in Cleveland. This relates to the military nature of downtown Albany I was looking at. It is not really within the same time period, but Cleveland also has military history in it’s city.

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