Riots and Protests in Albany, NY

All of my links relate to riots and protesting in the Albany area. The first link, from 1951, is a newspaper clipping about juniors girls at Vincentian Institute protesting off-shoulder dresses. They believed that girls should look more wholesome during their school dances, and chose to protest by wearing their school uniforms to their Prom.

To contrast that, my second post (from 1957) is a newspaper article concerning teenagers (mainly girls) throwing rocks at members of a band at a free concert in Albany. They were upset because the music was too slow for their taste. Many officials were upset that these young girls were so invested in rock ‘n’ roll, and that they would do something so barbaric at a concert which “doesn’t cost them a nickel…and it’s all for their own benefit”.

I found my last source amusing. It is an advertisement (appearing to be from the newspaper) urging people to get riot coverage. I found this most amusing because it was from 1921, whereas my other sources for protests or riots were from the 50s. I hope to be able to explore and see what kind of riots were present in the 1920s, and the extent of these riots. What was going on in the 1920’s that made people riot, and riot insurance relevant.

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