Albany’s Public Parks Walking Tour Proposal

1)  The pathway begins in Lincoln Park which is located in Albany, NY. This park has pools that are seasonally used for the public and also for private swimming instruction. It is a short walk away from the Empire State Plaza as well as Washington Park. It is not quite as big as Washington Park, but it still has lots of land and it also has a playground for the kids. The second location is just outside of Lincoln Park and it is Hudson-Jay Park. This is a small community park that does not have things like a playgrounds or fields for sports. It is just a small grassland and it can be used by the public to hang out and relax with family and friends and enjoy the company of others. The third location is Washington Park. This is a large park that has handball courts, basketball courts, a lake and sitting benches so people can stop and enjoy the view. Washington Park is a great place for any audience because it has something for everyone. It is great to get some exercise via running or sports, big events or gatherings like tulipfest and it is also a great place to relax and enjoy life all while in a natural setting. My fourth location is also within Washington Park but it is more specifically the Park Playhouse. This structure is used free of charge for performances like dramas, plays and even musical acts. It is a seasonal venue, being open for the summer while there is nice weather. My fifth location is the lake in Washington Park. It is a large lake and has a bridge that can be walked across in order to get a better view of the lake and even the rest of the park.

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2) Google estimates that my walking tour will last approximately 39 minutes.

3) The theme of my walking tour is to visit the public parks of Albany, mainly Washington Park. I choose this theme because the parks of Albany should be exploited by the public. It is free of charge to go for a walk there or bring your family and friends for a day outside. This walking tour can suit all ages of people and all different kinds of groups of people, whether it be an immediate family or just a bunch of friends that want to enjoy a nice day outside. People who go on these tours will be exposed to three different parks and these parks vary a lot from each other so everyone gets to experience a different environment in each of the parks. Some people may want to be active and play sports with others meanwhile others will be just as happy with sitting on a picnic blanket with a few loved ones. Parents can bring their children with them and all of them will have a great time together. There are many different aspects of these parks that almost anyone and everyone of all demographic groups will find something they see as enjoyable or interesting while walking on this path.

4) Washington Park Lake

Tulips in Washington Park

5) What other popular events take place at parks?

What dates do the seasonal venues or activities begin/open and end/close?

What historical events took place pre-1860 in these parks?

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